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2013-08-30 14.26.43I have been a witness to the sexual struggles of my generation.  I had to come to terms with my own bisexuality.  In the process I gained a lot of  insight into the reasons for the turmoil experienced by gay and bisexual men and the people around them. My book ‘Bi’ is my personal transformational journey and my educational services are based on  spiritual truths and psychologically sound principles.  We work with individuals, couples and groups in a variety of services.  to get a feel for who I am, check out the new book  release within the Books by Author section of the website.

  • Educational psychologist, (B.A, B.Ed, M.Ed.)
  • Thirty years of experience in the fields of educational and personal counselling.
  • I have won national awards in the field of education and have been a provincial, national and international presenter and inspirational speaker.
  • Member of the Saanich LGBT subcommittee of the Saanich Health and Wellness Committee in Greater Victoria BC, Canada.


Email: lcooper@bi-ed.com
Twitter: @BisexualEd
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Personal Website: lawrencejwcooper.com