We are moving up-island to a place called Ship’s Point.  We have a lovely rancher with the ocean just across the street and old forest all around us. It is a small intimate community that likes to share things and themselves.  Two pairs of eagles greeted us as we finalized the purchase. We will be moving in on January 31st.


Getting closer


Getting ever closer to feeling I belong,

With the sounds of Mother Earth filling my senses,

That sweet sound of sentient silence

Interrupted by the distant cries of the eagles,

And the woodpecker pounding into a rotting tree,

And the wind whispering in the pines.


I feel I am arriving

To an old place I have never been before

But feels like I have never left,

Where my mind charts out the excitement of new patterns,

While my soul sighs as it disappears into the eternity of the past.


Yes, I can feel it getting ever closer

To that point of perception ,

Where I can sense the motion of time in a timeless place,

And feel the full expanse of my soul in infinite space.

Featured Poems


Facing a New Dawn


The morning struggles through the darkness of the night,

Pushing itself forth by sheer will,

Bringing its light to the dark,

But recreating shadows from the past.

Where to from here?

Is there no place else to go?

Nothing else to see?

No new paths to walk?

No new skills to learn?

Than what use is this brain, this mind,

That was born to think and learn and do?

Is it just to lie retired under an avalanche of rocks and rubble?

It is just to be pulled from the garden of production

To wilt, die and rot,

Buried in the graveyard of the dead and dying?

I cannot go that quietly.

I will fight for the right to do.

I will fight for the right to be,

More than I was yesterday

More than I am today

But less than I will be tomorrow.

Where to Begin

It is 3 AM and I should be in bed. I should be asleep. But I attended a writer’s group last night at Starbucks, and I drank too much coffee. It is a good group with amateur and professional writers. I feel at home there. Here is my thought for today.

Where to Begin

Where do I begin?
To change the colors of the rainbow,
To alter the course of mankind,
To say something that can change my corner of the world,
That can just change some corner of my own world.

And then the question sparks a moment of enlightenment,
And I realize I do not have to change anything.
It is all as it should be.
It is filled with beauty;
It is filled with grace;
It is filled with triggers that lead not to pain,
But to experiencing the magic of the moment,
With all its surprises,
With all its little miracles,
With people who come to bless and be blessed.

And I stop and treasure my little corner of the world,
My place in it,
My ability to perceive it,
My ability to let it flood my soul,
With peace and contentment,
My own private doorway into the world of ecstasy.
And I stop to say thank you,
To everyone who helps me see the beauty that is around me,
And the beauty that is in them,
And the beauty that is in me,
And the beauty that melds into a new birthing of a child of love,
That is created by the divine energy we are privileged to share.