The Androgynous Bisexual mind

logo_2“And I went on amateurishly to sketch a plan of the soul so that in each of us two powers preside, one male, one female; and in the man’s brain the man predominates over the woman, and in the woman’s brain the woman predominates over the man. The normal and comfortable state of being is that when the two live in harmony together, spiritually co-operating. If one is a man, still the woman part of his brain must have effect; and a woman also must have intercourse with the man in her.” (Virginia Wolf, A Room of One’s Own)

This quote from a truly creative and remarkable woman applies to all but more-so to bisexual men.  The ego/mind side of our souls is truly androgynous, both male and female.  One hand it leads to some of the most complex conflicts known to man but the other it provides an opportunity for a truly creative and mindful life.

Having an androgynous soul goes beyond being bisexual.  Yes, there is the tendency to be attracted to males when we are in our female mind and females when we are in our male mind but the two do not really operate separately unless we are in conflict.  When we are in harmony within our self we tend to operate holistically being able to enjoy sexual intimacy as well as sexual pleasure with both men and women. But more of that in another blog as that tend to focus more on the drives of our bodies, for the rest of this blog let’s focus on what it means to have a bisexual androgynous soul.

Of course it will be different for everyone as our soul prints are as different as our finger prints. For me it is crying in a Walt Disney movie when the pet dies, or feeling a wave of compassion flow through my mind and body when something beautiful touches my soul, or standing on the edge of the Pacific and feeling the force of the waves break upon the rocks at my feet.  It is feeling the power of male mind slip into that quite place and experience my male body climbing a rock face.  It is holding my newborn baby in my hands and understanding that we are a physical and spiritual part of each other.  It is lying with my sweetheart and running my fingers over her soft female body and know the physical and spiritual intimacy that we can share after orgasm. It is letting go of my male mind and feeling the drive and power of my male lover while I slip into the sensuous mindlessness of sexual pleasure from my female hormone driven body.  It is being male free to take charge of my world and go wherever I want to go without fear.  It is settling into my female soul and submitting to the sensation of being one with someone and with the creative powers of the universal spirit.

This is a wonderful journey full of surprises and depths of feeling and pleasure that I am still learning to explore and enjoy.

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