Beyond Orgasm

SHIRT & TIE w.out white background (final)This blog has been up and running for two years now with roughly one hundred entries on some aspect of bisexuality. Various articles have been read by over five thousand viewers (thank you). So what does one write about when every conceivable topic has been covered?  Perhaps that’s a good thing. Perhaps it’s about time to stop thinking and writing about bisexuality and just get on with life. What’s to know and contemplate? We have an attraction and if it works itself out according to the moon and the stars we have sex. Once we have sex with enough people we find someone special and settle into an intimate relationship. Just like everyone else.

So what’s left? The question is – are we happy with life the way we are living it? Do we feel powerless to change? And that’s not just about sex. It’s about the big picture – life. One has to stop analyzing because analyzing leads to brain stress, which can lead to anxiety, which can lead to unhappiness, which can lead to depression. It a steep and slippery slope. At the other end is no analysis, just acceptance of what is. This leads to contentment and peace, two major components in happiness and joy. This leads to opening up the mind to other things that are around us that we are too busy to notice because we are struggling with the anxiety of our sexual orientation and desires. This is the world of peace. Taking time to not only smell the flowers but to plant them, the pretty ones, and to grow them. It’s all about expansion. Moving on from where we are now to a bigger and better me tomorrow. To hear the sounds of the songbirds in the morning. To appreciate the profusion of colors in a morning sunrise. To see the beauty of intimacy with someone who wants to share this life with me.

It is time to stand up and put sex in its rightful place. It is not life and death but it is part of life. It was meant to provide enough pleasure that we feel the urge to go about the business of having sex and having babies to save mankind from going the way of the dodo bird. We can take what we want and just plain seek the pleasure without thought or consequence. And then move on to the thousands of other pleasures that we can perceive or create.

My five suggestions for bisexuals:

  1. Have sex and enjoy it.
  2. No shame, no blame.
  3. Expand our world of pleasure by enjoying all the little miracles that surround us.
  4. Don’t just have sex, make friends.
  5. Enjoy all those little miracles – with your “friends”.

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