A Song of Appreciation

img_1394-1            Forest Bath

Life as a bisexual can be tough sometimes. We have to know when and how to recharge our batteries and get our minds off sex and gender issues. A forest walk does that for me.

(written after another delightful walk through the old growth rain forest)
The rains are back.
After a long dry season the creeks that have all dried
Are running again and the salmon are returning
To sacrifice their bodies to bring new life.
The forest walk is soft and sweet
As my hiking shoes sing into
The moss that has turned green again,
Empowering the fallen firs with new life and purpose,
Adorning the mighty maples with green lips
That sings the song of life.
I hear the murmuring of the streams,
As they wend their way to the resurgent rivers,
Bringing a new song to the quiet of the forest.
The hot days of summer are over
And the memories stored and treasured.
And I am content to walk these paths once more
As the forest bath washes off the dust of summer.
I am ready for a new autumn
A new chapter in this wonderful book of adventure
That I am living.