Beyond Gender – Thought for the Day

logo_2Bisexuality is not about sex, it’s about how to live a full and complete life. It is about unconditional love for self and for others. Through the power of unconditional love, I was able to heal one more component of my personality disorder; my passion returned. Looking back, I can see how the wonderful magic of passion brought my Beloved and I together and keeps us together. We responded passionately to each other, moving away from the ego and mental turmoil of the mind and immersing ourselves in the beauty of the drive. We fed off of each other, moving deeper and deeper into the heart of our inner souls where passion blossomed into a powerful expression of the core of our beings. This passion has become the sustenance that daily feeds our relationship. It makes everything real.

Moments of Passion

From touch to touch, kiss to kiss, caress to caress,

Desire builds into an internal explosion of mind and body.

The little death comes and goes;

The house of cards collapses;

Neither here nor there,

Part of a moment,

Real but neutral,

Neither good nor bad,

Any meaning molded by the intentions of the lovers,

Just a glimpse of ecstasy.

The pieces are blown away by the wind,

True passion, merely a shift in perception,

Is born in a moment of consciousness,

A feeling that penetrates the heart

From behind the walls of the mind,

Until it blossoms, releasing its sweet fragrance,

That draws the soul from the restless and the chaotic

Into the beauty and urgency of the drive,

Expanding, ever expanding,

Flowing gracefully onto the Path to Love,

Expanding, ever expanding,

Until it is immersed in the glow of bliss,

Where I sense the breath of my Beloved’s spirit,

And feel the passion flowing from her beating heart.

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