New Year’s Resolutions

logo_2Happy New Year.  Make no mistake.  Do not doubt.  IT WILL BE A HAPPY NEW YEAR. Shout it out. Believe it.  Every time you feel the negative side of your ego pulling you down, go into your closet, lock the door, and shout this out with all the energy you can muster:


For the past two years I have set my Self (my Self deserves a capital S) three goals – one for personal growth, one for my relationship with my dearly Beloved, and one for writing.  But I do not just make New Year’s resolutions; I form intent and I dedicate the energy of my mind and soul to the process of making my goals become real.  In other words, I create my own miracles.

The first step is to analyse where I have come from, where I am now, and where I want to be.  I take this very seriously.  I review every success, I record it in my success book, and I celebrate these achievements by patting myself on the back, letting my own self-praise soak into my ego, reaffirming it as a partner in my spiritual growth.  You see, my ego is not the bad boy in my soul, it is my decision making center and it contains the energy power of my mind to set a course so that good things can happen.

The second step is to form intent. This is not a wishy-washy sort of hope; it is a process whereby I combine the mind energy from my ego with the soul energy from my heart.  And somewhere in the mix a miracle happens.  The goal becomes real, it actualizes, and the miracle begins to happen.  It starts slowly like an embryo in the first month, but as the months pass it takes shape and grows.  But it has to have a beginning, a spiritual birth based on the marriage of ego-mind and heart-soul. And how does this happen?  I make it happen.  I will it into reality.  I infuse it with the spiritual power of my being.

Next, I review and renew my intent on a daily basis.  I spend ten minutes each day just meditating, restoring my soul energy and focusing it on my own personal health and well-being in a global way, just breathing easily and renewing my connection with the source of universal energy.  By doing this I enter into the infinite source of love-power, that positive energy that can make miracles happen.  I then review my goals, note and celebrate my progress and decide what I can do today to make my love child grow. If I have had a setback, I give my Self permission to fail and have a bad day thereby removing the negative energy so that it cannot accumulate and destroy. I then reform my mind-heart intent thereby restoring the positive energy so that my energies can be applied to grow my miracles.

Believe me, it can happen.  I have had absolute miracles in my life in the past two years and I expect another set of miracles for the New Year and I plan to conceive them today. Join me.

Happy New Year


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