Bisexuality – May the Force Be With You

logo_2Like most men my age, I am a die hard Star Wars fan.  Kind of hurts to see Leia and Han looking older. Apparently, the force does not keep us young. According to Dr. Max Planck, one of the founding fathers of Quantum Physics, “All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force…. We must assume that behind this force a conscious and intelligent mind exists.  This mind is the matrix of all matter.”   One of the main themes in the movie series is “The Force”, which presents us with a bunch of questions.   Is it a reality?  I think so, and if so, what is it? How can this apply to our daily lives? What does this have to do with sexuality? And in particular what does it have to do with Bisexuality?

I am just completing a heavy book called The Energy Healing Experiments by Gary Schwartz[1] .  Gary is a PHD researcher from the University of Arizona. He is the Director of its Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health.  He and his colleagues have carried out scientific research with energy fields (the force?) and consciousness (Jedi mind control?) Perhaps the force within us is what we call our “spirits”, and perhaps our spirits and what contemporary physics calls “energy” are in a deep sense one and the same. Over the next few weeks we will be looking at this whole area of energy and how it affects bisexuality.  For today let’s just look at energy itself, its nature and its effects on our bodies.

According to Schwartz, our bodies are forms of energy that generate electromagnetic energy waves. These waves seem to emanate from the whole body, perhaps through the water molecules in our living cells[2].  Various organs, or systems generate specific waves.  For example brain waves can be picked up on an EEG; whereas, heart waves (five times more powerful) are displayed on EKG’s. He goes on to show, again, through the rigors of scientific experiments, that intent or consciousness (may the force be with you) contains energy that can change the behavior of animals, growth in plants and even affect the well being of microorganisms in test tubes. In addition to energy waves, he demonstrates that quantum fields are actually generated through the works of collections of atoms that constitute our bodies or parts of our bodies. These fields can transmit energy and information in distances beyond the measurements of electromagnetic fields and may be a part of the universal matrix of living energy. In addition, Schwartz demonstrates that all biological matter emits dynamic patterns of bio-photon light which may express the essence of its being. For example healers were able to increase bio-photon emissions in plants by as much as tenfold simply by sharing their energy through conscious thought. He also states that energy emissions contain communication. “Energy provides the power that enables the information to be generated, transmitted and received…. Information without energy is powerless; energy without information is purposeless. Every one of our cells operate as a transmitter and receiver of electromagnetic energies.”[3]

So what is the application to sexuality?  Schwartz goes on to surmise, “Consider what happens when you hold someone you love. Or more explicitly when you are being physically intimate with someone. Can you imagine to what extent bio-energetic signals from our cells and organs are interacting and communicating?”[4]  Good question.  What exactly are we communicating through sexual contact?

Is there such a thing as the yin and the yang? Are there negative and positive energies?  It would appear that there is. Stress causes vascular inflammation in rats and humans.  Schwartz demonstrated that even microorganisms in test tubes respond negatively to healers under stress. It would appear that anxiety brought on by stress can have a negative effect on our health and well being. So what do we share when we have sex with our partners? Are we bringing a ton of emotional baggage that we then hoist onto our lovers? We may just be exposing our dark side and using our negative energies loaded with our own anxiety, to seduce and to weaken our lover’s flow of positive energy. In the process, we may also be weakening ourselves by building up patterns of addiction that feed upon themselves generating more and more negative energy.

Schwartz then goes on to demonstrate that healers who have a deeper level of compassion have a greater level of effect on animals, plants and humans. He concludes, “If we follow the accepted canons of science, we are led, slowly but surely, to the simple explanation that caring energy and loving intentions are the key to healing and health”[i]. This information should urge us on to bring positive energy, namely love and care, to the bed.  If we are going to engage in casual sex, can we bring caring and love to these types of encounters?  I honestly do not think so.  We can bring passion but I would hardly call it care or love.  If we truly want to be caring and compassionate people we should be mindful of whom we sleep with and what we are leaving behind when we get up and leave. On the side of life (within the force)  we can bring so much good energy through caring and love to our partners. We have an opportunity to bring powerful waves of healing that can build their sense or self-worth and physical, mental and spiritual well being.


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