Beyond Gender – Intimacy

Consciousness, Awareness and Intimacy

logo_2In the spiritual dimension, there is no gender; there is only intimacy. When we truly are committed to another and love them passionately we enter into the playground of intimacy. Intimacy can be sexual but it is really not about sex, it is about sharing your heart-soul with another human being.  We can be “lovers” with mates, or we can be soul-mates.  We can be soul-mates with family and friends as well as lovers.  It is the life source that we all seek.  It is the grasping of soul-love connection that makes us truly human at the spiritual level.

When our soul-mate is our lover, we become two human beings sharing the Path of Love. Enhanced intimacy becomes the ultimate goal of sexual union. Sexual union allows us to be sexually mindful where we shut out all distractions through the power of passion and join our Self with our lover in body, soul, and spirit.  When lovers dedicate themselves to passionately exploring the Path of Life together, a miracle occurs. Love mellows from raw biological sexual passion and ego drive to a state of spiritual bliss where the contentment and peace of our spirits mingle with the juices of love, sex, and passion. The hearts of the lovers can now flow continuously in and out of the love that flows from the center of their being, from the center of all being. This love is now set free to urge each other on towards ecstasy, to evolve into the souls they were meant to be.

In addition, I believe intimacy is more than just increased consciousness. In my view, it is the state of continuous growth of the soul’s spiritual powers of awareness, experiencing and responding. Intimacy leads to mutual awareness of the full presence of the beloved, aware of his/her needs and desires, aware of what excites the body, aware of what excites the mind, and aware of what brings peace and contentment to the soul. But most of all, it i simply being aware of “him/her.” Within this glow of body and soul awareness, I believe their two spirits can now begin to merge and experience each other’s Divine Essence. They begin to respond and resonate and vibrate in unison with each other and with the universal essence of love.

Once we enter into intimacy with our partner, we experience the fruits of the spirit. We automatically enter into a tremendous peace regardless of the anxieties associated with life’s experiences. As we let these feelings guide our thoughts and actions, we develop trust and patience. We can understand each other and wait patiently for the ambiguities to dissolve themselves in the flow of love. This peace flows into the second fruit of the spirit which is joy. It is this mutual experiencing of joy that unites us and lets us see into the mysteries of life. Our spirits continuously seek harmony, intimacy and the exchange of the energies of love that we can feel as soul-joy or spirit-ecstasy.

Once we chose to live in the world in intimacy, there is no gender.  As bisexual men there is no difference in our love for a man or a woman, but I do believe there is a difference between us and strictly heterosexual couples.  We have an opportunity to bring both our masculine and feminine sides to the cogs and gears of human intimacy.  We can be testosterone strong and motivated to cherish, and protect; and yet, we can be feminine compassionate and caring and intuitively aware of the needs of the one we love. We can bring all of this to the intimate relationship regardless of whether our partner is male or female.

As bisexual men we have to be true to our Self and our lover.  This means going beyond sex but still using sexual relationships to move our souls into intimacy. Intimacy is engaging with our partner in the dance of life. When two lovers dance this physical, emotional and spiritual dance together, they complement each other, creating a dance of give and take. Touch gets enriched with this tremendous flow of love energy that comes through smiles, eyes, hands, and hearts. It releases a powerful spiritual drive that can transcend the limitations of the material world, the domain of the mind, and the fears of the ego. Intimacy is spirit-love. It is that incredible spiritual energy that brings a feeling of complete peace, power, and joy that we can call ecstasy. Whether your lover is a man or a woman do not stop at sexual and ego  satisfaction but move on into intimacy and ecstasy.

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