Bisexuality – Beyond Gender – Reader’s Post

I received this response to the last blog.  It is good to know that there are other men out there who think the way I do.  Here it is, slightly edited:
“Yes, these concepts you write about are really ‘beyond gender’… the idea of gender  is a false and restrictive one.  I do NOT identify as bisexual, I think it’s one of our culture’s biggest problems at the moment – making “gender” into such an huge issue, an arena of dispute, contention and divisiveness. We are all too caught up in our ‘heads’ to see what is happening. We are completely distracted from what is true on a deeper level.
In the finest of ways, when I consider what I’ve learned, I believe now that there is no such thing as bisexuality or any other category of “gender”.  I bolt from the oppression that identifying so, entails. I feel the consideration of any gender classifications is a futile exercise that exposes one’s limited reductionist leanings, and control issues. I believe that modern genetic and “psychological” theories for sexuality and gender are religious, dogmatic and political at their core, and shed no light on the human condition. I choose to follow a different route, and leave behind these non-useful appendages of a civilization that’s gone mad and is caving in on itself all around us.They are just the modern-day face of inhibition, repression, control and dogma… and so I bolt. When I’m confronted with this concept, I am comfortable with ‘not knowing.’
 Out of the ‘trap’, I mostly find myself thinking and feeling beyond gender. As such, thinking about it today, dabbling in gender issues is the wrong way for me to go in my life. Life truly is a beautiful rainbow panoply of diverse, colourful phenomenon… there for the taking/experiencing. My intellectual approaches to it have yielded little except to separate me from immersing myself in the truly fulfilling pageant of it all. Time to leave my last vestiges of needing to control things and just be open to absorb life.”
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