Bisexuality and the Virtue of Gratitude

SHIRT & TIE [small] (final)”Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others,” Marcus Tullius Cicero[1]. Wise words from a wise old Roman. It makes more sense when you apply the words of John F. Kennedy, “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”[2] You see gratitude is more than saying ‘thank you’ it is being truly thankful.  That means realizing the gift that has been given is more than just a gift; the acts of giving and receiving are acts of the heart.

Sometimes it seems impossible to feel thankful for what we have been given. At times, life really sucks, and we may feel alone, abandoned, and despised.  That is when we have to dig deep into our souls to find our higher self which will always feel gratitude even if it is just for life itself.  That is when we come to know that life means there is a giver of life and that giving life is the most precious gift that we can receive, because the gift of life is the gift of love. If you have ever been a parent you know exactly what I mean. At that moment when the baby is born and placed in your arms we cannot help but feel an overpowering sensation of deepest affection and love.

As suggested by J.F.K. there is a part of our self that lives continuously in this feeling of gratitude, and that is our higher self. When we view life through our higher self, there is always a reason to be thankful even if it is just for the next breath. When we do this we change the circuitry of the brain .

Image result for pleasure center of the brain
The thought releases dopamine through the nucleus accumbens which is the pleasure center of the brain, affecting the amygdala, thus changing the emotion from negative to positive, and the hippocampus which affects our memories. . Then as we thank this universe for each breath, the other things come to mind, love that we have experienced, someone who touched us in a special way, the beauty of nature that is all around us. By doing this repeatedly, we create a new neural circuit where the memory makes us smile instead of weep.


The key to living a virtuous life is to be thankful for everything. We should practice gratitude every day and remind ourselves that there is always something good if we look for it. We should see difficulties as opportunities to learn. When people abandon us we can be thankful for the moments we have shared and be compassionate with them and wish them well in their own journey. If this person shows us contempt or spite, we can be thankful that we will not have to live with someone who no longer cares for us. We should be thankful for every kindness passed our way. We should not be envious of those who appear to have more but be thankful for the simplicity of what we do have, free of the tyranny of possessions.

So how does this apply to bisexuality? Here are my five suggestions on gratitude:

1 First be thankful for your life. It is a gift.

  1. Be thankful for your bisexuality. It too is a gift, one that opens up intimate relationships with both men and women.
  2. Be thankful for all the relationships you have had. Remember that people are just human and may not be able to understand your sexual nature or your wants and needs. Be thankful for the love and passion they were able to share; it may be all they were able to give at the time.
  3. When you move on to other relationships, be thankful for the lessons you learned in the last one or series of ones. Never give up on finding the soul mate and kindred spirit.
  4. Be thankful that you can give something back even if it is something small. Volunteer for something or plant a garden of flowers. Try to make the world a little bit better while you have the chance to live in it.

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[2] Read more at:

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