The Creative Function of the Mind

SHIRT & TIE w.out white background (final)In exploring the functions of the mind, I had it all backwards. We do not start with the simplest and go to the more complex (from the bottom up) we start at the top and work down. In everything in life, we do not start at the bottom and think upwards, we start at the top. I am beautiful. I am powerful. There is greatness in me. I have a gifted mind that can create what it desires.

During meditation this morning, instead of just trying to remain silent without thought, I allowed the universe, or if you prefer, my god (perhaps my higher self), to speak to me. I opened up my soul and asked whoever is out there (or in here) to speak. The message was loud and clear; it was to create, to employ the power of my thoughts to create. Instead or completing my book on developing virtues, it was to show the power of virtues. Instead of intellectual prose, I was to use creative prose and the power of poetry.

But the power of creation has to be more than just writing poetry. So what is the intrinsic nature of creativity and how is it manifested by the human mind? What immediately came to mind was the moment my son was born. My wife had gone into labor and we had hurried to the hospital for the delivery. The doctor arrived, examined my wife, and proclaimed that the baby was turned the wrong way, and it would be several hours before he was born. He said he was going home to sleep and would come back in the morning. Feeling the guilt of putting my wife through this incredible sequence of unending pain, I placed my hands on her abdomen and asked god to turn the baby. At that exact moment, the baby turned. The doctor had just enough time to return to the hospital and cut the umbilical cord.

So what had happened? Out of the power of extreme emotion came the thought and then the words. The words had the power to create, to change the physical world around me. Words bring thoughts into clarity and therefore in reality. Words have power. Where does this power come from? I could go into the neurobiology and explain how the activities of the amygdala, the orbitofrontal cortex, and the anterior cingulate create energy which we refer to as primary emotion, and how these emotions then are regulated by the prefrontal cortex to create the categorical emotions we know as fear, sadness etc., and these emotions then give the power to put these thoughts into action. But we do not need to know all that; we just need to know that when we add feeling to our thoughts, we can change the world. This is what I mean by the creative function of the mind.

The Power of thought is much more than the few amps of electrochemical energy produced by the brain. All the combined energies of brain, body, and heart do not have the power to create things in our environment. Even if we add the electromagnetic waves that emanate from the whole body, which researchers suggest is evidence of an aura or a human soul, we still do not have enough energy to turn on a light bulb, let alone cause a baby to turn in the womb. So then where does this energy come from? It has to be that we are more than just brain/mind and that we must have an additional dimension of mind/soul that serves as a link to the life power around us. We need this infinite source of power to turn a baby or cause the Red Sea to part.

This power of thought/word/life energy is the power of creation. We have the power to create by thinking with emotion and purpose. We can heal our minds and bodies. We can dream dreams and make those dreams become reality with the power of emotional thought put into words that then are turned into action.

My five applications to bisexuality:

1. Be creative. If we do not like our present circumstance, all we have to do is think the right thoughts, put our full power of emotion into them, and speak them into reality. I am a hopeless failure becomes “I am a beautiful powerful being.” We keep saying it louder and louder until we feel the enormous power of our thoughts.

2. We believe in the power of our thoughts. We look for evidence that our thoughts are being manifested. The world will begin to change one small step at a time. The key is to look for and find the evidence of that change. This will reinforce our belief, which in turn will energize our emotions, which in turn will enhance our ability to create.

3. As bisexuals, we will begin to believe in ourselves. We will design the life we love and we will begin to love the life we live. We will not be satisfied until we actualize the full power of our dream.

4. We will visualize the perfect mate and bring that person into our lives.

5. We will use our sexual energy to build our relationships and enhance all our sensory experiences, including enjoying great sex.

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