Why We Attack the Ones We Love

Due to the high positive correlation between bisexuality and Borderline Personality Disorder, we are attempting to get a better understanding of the impairments listed in the DSM 5. 

DSM 5 Impairment 8 – Perceptions of others selectively biased toward negative attributes or vulnerabilities

If I see a roll of the eyes, or if someone contradicts, criticizes, or corrects me, I automatically sense rejection. Before this feeling of rejection takes control of my mind, I have a choice, I can still step back, take a deep breath, and take control of the situation, or I can let my emotions take control and take me to a place I do not want to go. Once I let go, my mind will take me down one of two paths.  I can blame myself and withdraw into a dissociate state with a sick feeling in my gut, or blame them and respond in anger. Unfortunately, I follow the path of least resistance. If this is a boss or a colleague at work and the emotional connection is fragile, I withdraw, but I deeply resent them for putting me in this state. However, if this is a loved one, someone with whom I have a solid relationship, I attack. Either way, I am now on a course for anxiety and symptoms of depression. To read more: https://lawrencejwcooper.ca/why-we-attack-the-ones-we-love/