Beyond Gender – Bisexuality and Christmas

logo_2Christmas time.  Time to get out of my head, out of my bed and into my heart.  Also time to be thankful.  Glad I am Gay.  Glad I have an amazing woman to be my wife and partner.  Happy I am healthy and wise.  Happy I am deeply emotionally connected to more than ten people in my life.  Grateful I have survived the hard times so that I can appreciate the bliss and ecstasy of the present times.

So what is the connection between Christmas and Bisexuality? None really, but on the other hand, everything.  Christmas is about self-love and then releasing our love energy to love others. I am bisexual; this is an essential part of who I am.  I have finally come full circle and instead of shunning and trying to murder the gay man inside me, I have learned to embrace and love him.  He is my gift to my whole self.  He makes me care.  He makes me cry when I feel another’s pain.  He helps me love at a deeper level than my male side would ever have known.  He tells me it’s okay to be me; in fact, being me is a privileged and special existence.  He tells me that my gay sexuality is a very special part of the whole me that lets me experience emotion and life at an incredibly deep level.

My feminine gay side is a gift that helps me seek bonding as well as pleasure.  It does not just want to encounter, get off and move on, but it wants to love slow and easy and linger for the tender moments following orgasm. It has coaxed me into not being satisfied with superficial relationships but to seek out that one true bonding whether it is with a man or a woman.    It helps me seek male friendships that are intimate, where we can hug and tell each other “I love you and care for you,” without feeling shame. It lets me establish deep relationships at all levels of love from platonic to parental, to intimate.  It seeks sexual experiences that fulfill its ultimate purpose of creating bonds that hold me and the people I love together.  It has channeled me into my wife’s’ beautiful body through which I explore her beautiful soul. My feminine, gay bisexuality is my gift.  I give it first to my Self, then to the woman I am totally in love with and  bonded to,  then to the other people I  love and then to you. Here comes a warm hug.

Merry Christmas.

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