Married to a Bisexual Man

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(The following  blog on why a woman can enjoy bring married to or partnered with a bisexual man is based directly on the thoughts and words of my beloved mate and the love of my life.)

The other day my wife stated that she would not get involved with another heterosexual man if I passed on before her. I asked for explanations.

She said that in the 17 years that she had been divorced she had kissed a lot of frogs to find her prince (me, lol), she had noticed that many of them spent a lot of time interacting from their brains and dicks but not from their hearts. Apparently I was the first man who connected with her almost immediately from the heart.

She also told me that when she was a student at university she met a lot of really sweet (and stinkingly handsome) fellows who made easy heart contact and delightful conversationalists.  However, they could not perform in bed* and the poor girl was left with the impression that there was something wrong with her that turned those young men off. Only much later did she find out they were gay.

After her divorce she was frequently attracted to openly gay men and felt sad when they told her that they were not ‘available’. She intuitively knew that a marriage partner would have to possess some of those wonderful qualities that she had observed in her gay male friends: a spiritual approach to life, a way with words, appreciation for art, high energy, a love of life expressed in music and dance,  a high sex drive (preferably with knowledge about the workings of female sex preferences), compassion for sentient beings, enjoyment of nature, etc.

While heterosexual men have many of the above characteristics, she now can see that bisexual men (me) have a heightened sensitivity to them. They are easily moved to tears of sadness or joy and display intuitive understanding in many situations without requiring intellectual explanations or interpretations. Of course their hyper-sensitive natures can create ‘princesses’ that require an especially thoughtful approach with communication (me again, sad but true). Many bi men have anxiety and low self-esteem issues, so when a situation wakes up their pain body,  the Ego is immediately in charge and sparks can fly.

While my wife sometimes feels frustrated  by my over-reactions, she takes them with a grain of salt. She sees the many benefits of our union and is willing to pay the price for a deeply heart-centered relationship.


  • Most gay men either cannot or for some reason or other have no desire to have sex with women.  On the other hand, bisexual men have no difficulty engaging in and enjoying sex with either a man or a woman.


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