Victoria News, Readers Respond, Page A6, July 8.

SHIRT & TIE [small] (final)“Pride is a day to celebrate diversity in gender and sexuality. Often overlooked amongst the more vocal Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender communities is the B in LGBTQ, and of course B stands for Bisexuality. You do not often see us as a group in the Pride Parades or in information booths. Apart from a few female dominated groups, you do not find us on the Web or in Meetup groups. Victoria’s Bisexual Meetup group has forty signed up members but they never attend meetings. This is because many of us are in heterosexual relationships and wish to remain private or anonymous.

There is a new wave of sexual freedom sweeping the country where young people engage in sexual activities with both males and females, but is this true bisexuality or merely sexual exploration? True bisexuality is not just experimentation; it is a way of life that involves strong emotional and heartfelt desires for connection with both males and females. It is not merely sexual; it is also a unique gender. We have been getting a fair amount of publicity by the film industry who uses us as a surprise element for twisting the plot. But the filmmakers don’t enlighten the public about the background of what makes a person bisexual.

Our sometimes mysterious group is perhaps more numerous that the other LGBTQ groups. Because we live a secret double life we experience higher levels of depression and suicide attempts but we are reluctant to seek assistance in the community. We are often looked down upon by the rest of society because of the pain we cause our spouses, families, and friends by our sexual behavior. We are often shunned by gays and lesbians because of our inconsistencies. But we are not just gays or lesbians who refuse to accept our gender; we are somewhere in the middle of heterosexual and homosexual and in many cases an emotional mixture of male and female.”

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