I Love You, I Hate You

Due to the high positive correlation between bisexuality and Borderline Personality Disorder, we are attempting to get a better understanding of the impairments listed in the DSM 5. 

Impairment 12 – Significant impairments in interpersonal functioning b. Intimacy: Close relationships often viewed in extremes of idealization and devaluation;

Devaluation and idealization are defense mechanisms that the mind creates subconsciously to help it deal with overwhelming anxieties.  These two mechanisms as well as a combination of both are often associated with Borderline Personality Disorder. Idealization occurs when we view people or ideals (such as a higher power), as perfect and having qualities that we can acquire through association in order to survive. As bisexuals we tend to view our heterosexual persona as the ideal and we devalue our gay or lesbian self.  To read more: https://lawrencejwcooper.ca/i-love-you-i-hate-you/

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