The Power of Belief



I Believe in Life after Death


So many of us have stopped seeing the world as the beautiful place it really is. Our words and thoughts are filled with negativity. Having lost our Spiritual roots, we see death as final and tragic and something to be feared. It is all a matter of perspective. Yes there is pain, and the pain is real, but we can still heal our pain through the power of the belief – the belief that we have the ability to create and live a life of peace and joy.

I recently attended a Life Celebration for a ninety year old friend who had lived a full and rich life. As in so many funerals, thoughts turned to a hoped for afterlife. We all wished that he would fulfill his dream to rejoin the love of his life, his wife of sixty-two years. I know that beliefs in a heaven and hell are based on Christian mythology, but myths are just stories that reveal a hidden truth. I believe that this body is mortal but we also have an essence that is pure energy. We are spiritual beings cloaked in a human body. Since this energy can never be lost, I believe it is simply transformed into pure spirit.

I believe that death is not to be feared. There is no hell. I believe that there is an afterlife or another life, and this life will be free of pain and suffering. I believe that the power of belief is a gift from the source. It is the essence of faith and hope. It is the essence of out being.  It is the shoulder we can lean on when life seems too hard to bear.


     I Believe In Life after Death


Knowing all there is to know and being all there is to be,

It is now time to celebrate the last day of the last life

That I will ever live.


However, there are still these last few years to savor,

The thrill of sensing all that my eyes can see,

And hearing all my ears can hear.


And as I caress the substance of all my hands can touch,

My soul transforms all these gifts of my senses

Into feelings that expand into ecstasy.


As my souls captures the joys of this divine present,

It molds this ever expanding divine source of energy

Into a shape I know will last forever.



Bisexuality and the Spirit of Adventure Virtue

SHIRT & TIE [small] (final)As Joseph Conrad states in Heart of Darkness, “‘I went a little farther…then still a little farther—till I had gone so far that I don’t know how I’ll ever get back.” Life is learning not only to be comfortable with uncertainty but to welcome it as an opportunity to expand as a human being. It is not looking back, not wanting to go back, but to be pushing the envelope until the last day of our lives. It is dreaming and then making those dreams come true by the sheer power of our will.

The spirit of adventure is the desire and openness to experiencing something new. It is accepting uncertainty and welcoming it as an opportunity to explore, to expand our range of knowledge, and to bring new sets of sensations and feelings into our life portfolio. It is taking a holistic and creative approach to experiencing what each day has to offer. It is living in the now with passion and vitality.

One of the key ways to grow our spirit is to find our place in this universe.  We explore nature realizing our humble place in the unity of all living thing, to the point where we stand in awe of life itself. We indulge ourselves in a forest bath, letting the gentleness of the forest path caress our bodies as we silently absorb its sights, smells, and sounds into our inner sanctuaries. It is taking a mindful ocean walk at low tide where we take off our shoes and feel the hard moist sand peeling off the dead skin from the souls of our feet and the dead thoughts out of the graveyards of our minds. We let nature’s negative ions collide with our positive ones, neutralizing them, and restoring our chemical balance and our spiritual energies.

We seek the truth, not in rational thought, but in the knowing of our higher self. We search for the answers to the question of our souls. We seek to know who we are, where we are going and how we will know when we get there. We understand that when we arrive at that place it will be just one more step in the never-ending journey to self-actualization. We see success and failure as “twin imposters”[1]. We know that success is just temporary and not an end it itself; it is the journey that counts not our worldly achievements. We know there is no such thing as failure, just opportunities for reassessment, clarity, and the selection of new paths.

We learn the most when we fall the hardest; we seize the opportunity to show ourselves what we are made of, not to define ourselves by the thoughts and actions of others. In the process,  we arrive at the  an understanding that all things are possible. There is no looking back. There is no past. There is only the present that is just waiting for us to open it up and enjoy.

We avoid and despise labels. We are beyond labels. We are free to be whatever we want to be and then to reverse and redefine ourselves day by day. We are not limited by what anyone else thinks. We choose to not only think, but to live, outside the box. We avoid the limitations of Religion. We do not live to reach heaven and avoid hell. We do not seek the escape offered by Nirvana but choose to experience life in the here and now with all its flaws and treasures. We never get old; we just get older and wiser. We never stop enjoying the pleasures of our bodies and the wonderment of our minds. We just bring them into harmony with the source of all life and power. We never let go of life. We live it.

My five applications to bisexuality:

  1. Our bisexuality is not a curse or a burden. It is a gift that allows us to experience life from both the feminine and masculine sides of life.
  2. We know who we are and who we want to be. We do not allow others to shape us. We are proud to be who we are.
  3. Even though we live life from our own personal perspective, we seek out a partner who is like-minded to share the journey with us. We do not try to shape them and we do not allow them to shape us. If our life paths separate, we are prepared to let them go.
  4. We dare to dream. We allow our inner self to speak its truth about who we are and where we want to go. We then build on that truth and set a course to greater self-actualization.
  5. We share who we are with others and engage in two way communication that includes the expressing and living of our deepest desires.

[1] Rudyard Kipling.


Bisexuality and the Virtue of Thriving in Uncertainty

SHIRT & TIE [small] (final)Uncertainty cannot be a virtue, but the way we deal with it sure can. The feeling associated with uncertainty is based on fear, especially fear of change. We like things the way they are, even when they are filled with fear and turmoil. We resist change and build up defense mechanisms including religion, acquiring material goods and wealth, seeking knowledge, delving into the arts, and seeking experiences with beauty. “In short, we try to make meaning and order of what might otherwise seem a chaotic existence”. [1]

Our greatest fears are death and living a life without meaning and purpose. We set up belief systems to explain the inexplicable and to provide a comfortable degree of certainty where there is no certainty. We develop stories employing the old spiritual standbys of faith and hope. In the case of religion, we strive for group stories filled with justice, including rewards and punishment. These stories are always on the far end of rational thought, just close enough that they make sense with the application of faith and hope. Don’t get me wrong; I also operate on faith, and, if we are honest with ourselves, we all do to some extent. The key is to know and understand that they are just stories that may be based on fiction rather than truth.

The opposite of faith is pessimism. We see the uncertainties of the world around, imagine a worst case scenario, and then learn to live with it. Frankly, I would rather live by faith than pessimism, but I believe there is a third and better way.

“In quantum mechanics, the observation effect states that the photon used to locate and measure a particle actually changes the particle’s position. The observer actually changes the state of the object perceived.” Our thoughts are in truth a release of creative energy from the electromagnetic and chemical activity of our neural pathways. We can create a story that is in fact real and ever changing with the electronic and quantum power of our thoughts and beliefs. Applied to our response to uncertainty, we can, in fact, affect not just the perception, but reality itself. Once set in motion, our thoughts have the power to change and alter reality, provided that they are consistent, passionately powerful, and loaded with creative energy.

Let me explain through a story, a true story. When my wife was giving birth to our son, the doctor arrived and examined her, told us the baby was turned the wrong way, and it would be hours before it would be born. Meanwhile, he was going to go home and get some sleep. After he left, I placed my hands on my wife’s abdomen and asked god (this occurred during a time when I had traditional Christian beliefs) to turn the baby. At that precise moment, I felt the baby turn in my hands and immediately start down the birth canal. He was born half an hour later. The doctor had just enough time to come back and cut the cord. So what happened? Was this a random coincidence? Perhaps. Did god turn the baby? Perhaps. Did my mental energy turn the baby? Perhaps. Or perhaps it was my higher self connecting with a higher power that transferred the higher energy from my hands to her body thus turning the baby? I choose to believe the latter, but the answer to that question will depend upon our belief systems. The fact remains: the baby did turn, and I believe I was an agent in the process because I felt the power pass through my thoughts and hands.

This brings us back to the question of life and death. What is life all about? Are we just a random occurrence in the universe? Logic would say that we are. Logic would also say that the typical after-death experience of walking towards a bright light is just a final burst of energy from our dying brain. What about reincarnation which is the favorite belief my intellectual friends and associates, who perhaps have developed a rational system that goes very easy on an enlightened ego.  And what about regression? Are they a real recall of a past life or just a creation of the imagination of people who want to believe? Is there a god? And if there is, is he a personal god like the Christians believe, the all-powerful patriarch of the Muslims and Jews, or that universal esoteric presence sought after by the Buddhists and new age intellectuals? The answer to these questions is that there is no answer, all is uncertainty.

It is only by recognizing that life is full of uncertainties that we can then walk the path to self-actualization with creative thought and spiritual confidence. We embrace the only certainty that we have: I am; I breathe; I think; I understand; therefore, I am. The key is to truly know and understand, and yes, believe that this is enough. We embrace the uncertainty. We live each moment as if it were the last. We seek the truth and the joy that life presents to us every moment of every day. If there is another life after this, we know that it will be good. If we search our inner self we will realize that there is no evil; there is no hell. There is nothing to fear, not even death itself. If this life is all there is and the bright light gradually fades and disappears, we will have lived a life full of the creative power of love energy that will continue to shine as long as there is human life on this beautiful planet.

Because we believe life is precarious, and because we strive to fill it with our love energy, we will naturally embrace and help each other.  We will build real stories around family and fellowship, and we will call it love. The natural consequences of our feelings and actions will be the development of a sense of compassion for ourselves and for everyone else who fears the unknown. When we open ourselves to the continually changing nature of your own being, we embrace the reality set before us.  We enjoy our capacity to live a life free of fear. We increase our capacity to be, to enjoy, and to love. We care for other people. We begin to really live a life with endless opportunities to create and enjoy a better world.

My five applications for bisexuality:

  1. We are now beyond gender issues. In the world of uncertainty even our sexual orientation is uncertain. Whether we are attracted to males or females makes no difference. We are one human being connecting with another through the passion and sensuality of our bodies.
  2. We embrace our uncertainties as opportunities to experience something new, something that will lead to greater knowledge and deeper levels of experiencing and feeling.
  3. We realize that our expectations are just our attempts at finding certainty and usually lead to disappointment or to the realization that out strongest desires cannot be fulfilled,  So we reduce our expectations, set goal only on  essential matters, and open ourselves up to the possibility and excitement of change.
  4. We have no expectations of others. We just accept them the way they are at that moment, knowing that they too are searching for their own sense of self-actualization.
  5. We realize that self-actualization is not an end in itself but a process. We continue to explore, build, and feel until the last breath of this uncertain life. We have no expectation of an afterlife but we are open to all possibilities. There is nothing to fear. It may be only the last peaceful breath or the possibility of endless possibilities.

[1] All quotes in this blog are from Greenfield, Susan Celia. The Last Lecture: the Virtue of Uncertainty. (!)


Best Wishes

img_1394-1I wish you all a Merry Christmas and I give you this present. For those of you who are young – enjoy. For those of you from my generation – enjoy even more. Be conscious or just how precious these good moment really are.




It comes in the middle of the sad season,
When the skies are gray and the rains fall,
In that moment where sadness covers all
With a blanket of cold.

Old days, long gone, hidden behind the clouds.
Moments of when life was young and free,
And the sky was limitless and it was all ok to be me,
Free to be all I could be.

New days, too suppressed with knowledge,
Cloak the reality of the moon and the stars,
Choking the dreams with cold gray iron bars
Keeping my heart captive to my thoughts.

But there is a new reality,
Christmas reborn,
New presents to open,
New loves to love,
New dreams to dream,
New purpose to embrace,
New gifts to give.

And I embrace all the loves I have known
That flows unhindered from my wife,
My children and my grandchildren,
Flowing through old arteries into an old heart,
Pumping new blood to tired tissues,
Sucking in life giving breath,
Enriching the mind with new thoughts,
Creating a doorway to a new life
Where the past and present are the future
And this moment is worth all of my tomorrows.

Poem – Long Nights and Short Days

cc01c6b7-a6fb-44c2-90ac-256d0b2874e8 (2)This is a difficult season watching the days get shorter. You need to find things to do to fill the dark hours.

Long Nights and Short Days

The days are short and the nights are long,
Living is not easy because there is too much striving,
Too much urgency to do something that does not need to be done,
Too much urgency to be someone I do not have to be.
The flowers are all tucked away beneath the ground;
The mulch has been laid to give them a cozy bed;
But the hope of a bright spring makes the toil worthwhile.
And I sit here in the dark before my screen
Searching for some important thing to say,
But knowing deep inside that everything has been said.
The years are piling up.
One more season before three score and ten,
And the seasons are all blending together,
And the winter tales are no longer worth repeating.
So meaning has to lie somewhere else.
Somewhere within.
Somewhere where the sun never shines,
Some place where there is no darkness,
Some place where the ticking of the clock stops,
Some place where there is no need for sleep,
No need for rest and recuperate,
Nothing to complain about,
Nothing to brag about,
Just an endless parade of moments within moments,
Where all is as it should be,
And just BEING is all that there needs to be.